Media Room Perfection

One of our apartments features a perfect media center, built right in the wall with room for television or flat screen, media players, speakers and various CDs and DVDs.  But not all apartments offer you the opportunity to explore and create a perfect media room. Scanning some of the ideas and options out there can give you a sense of what you’d like your relaxing area to look like. Comfort, of course, is key. And visibility a must.

Great idea for a small room. This media room designed by Cristi Azevedo has built in cabinetry and daybed and couch. George Nelson Saucer lamp. This is by far my favorite room presented here. Send me in some take-out; I’d never want to leave.  photo: Dave Lauridsen.

Fun and cozy! Great media centered room idea for kids, though I can see the adults hopping aboard too.  Central lighting give it depth, and the shelves easy access to everything a kid at heart could need.

Found this artistic set up at Design to Inspire. Vary your artwork choices to your taste. A movie image theme I would personally love. The Godfather, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, Star Wars, E.T.; you get the idea?

Another kids media room idea. Love the simple lines, and looks easy to keep clean if snacks are served.

Of course, a perfect media room would be one of those theater-like set ups, with reclining chairs and stands for your drinks, and a six to eight foot screen to host your fifteen guests…but not many of us has the space (or the thousands of dollars) for that type of room. Working with the space you have, you can be creative and have fun. And throw down that shag carpet for dancing fun!

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