Small Apartment Designs

A small apartment need not lack sophistication and elegance. If you live alone in a tinier space making it warm and inviting for yourself is of great importance. The key is to keep a small space clutter free, which can be hard with little storage space, but if you can find a way it will be worth it. Stick to soft light color schemes to keep your small space fresh and bright. Here are a few more ideas to consider. Enjoy.

A small loft space can be divided easily by using storage as the “wall.” High free standing book shelves like these are ideal and placing a bedroom dresser next to it gives you the bedroom storage that you need for essentials. Love the clean, fresh feel this space brings. And everything is organized and accessible.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a downer as you can see here. A back-splash of bright color bring it to life. Again, keeping counter space neat and clutter-free sets off this small space.

A white color scheme works great in a small space. Contrast with dark furniture and a small carpet, and remember to add a splash of bright color somewhere, as we see here with the flower arrangements.

I find small apartments cozy and fun. They are certainly not the place for over-stuffed furniture, as comfy as that might be. We experienced a problem not too long ago finding furniture for a small room like this one. The living rooms tend to run big sized lately, so we settled on a similar look as this. It kept the room fresh and alive and easy to walk around in.

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