Moving Made Easy

Big question mark…? I moving ever easy? In our busy lives moving can be a huge headache, especially if you are moving to a new area, state, or even to another country.

Really, is moving ever fun? Stressful, worrisome, and generally a life-altering pain in the butt is more how I define moving, yet, if you find some useful resources with ideas and advice, it can be less painful, less worrisome, less stressful, and less of a pain in the butt. (Life-altering it will always be no doubt!)

If you are lucky enough to be moving to a new apartment or house in the local area, the same city perhaps, just a new fresher location, moving can be pretty easy. A few years ago when we moved we created our own “slow-move” plan, as I like to call it. We packed one room at a time and moved it each day by loading up our Jeep a couple times. It was almost fun. Upon arriving at the new location, we’d unload the boxes and I’d unpack them, placing the contents into their new living space. This was especially useful with the books and bookshelves. Then we’d take the boxes back and refill them.

This was great for the kitchen too. All the pots and dishes slowly made their way to the new family center of life where I unloaded as they came in. Suddenly, my new kitchen was organized, the shelves full, and almost ready to go. Food, and the coffee maker, came last, of course.

Most of us, however, can’t do this “slow-move” plan. So I’ve found some useful sources to make moving a breeze, yes, and as stress-free as possible. Hope you find them enjoyable.

First to check out, loaded with links is Moving Made Easy at Apartments i Like. Here you will find moving tips, packing tips, professional mover resources, packing supplies and many other features.

From there, Life has an awesome Moving Checklist to follow with what to do from three months before your move to the day you do it.

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