Mediterranean Design for Your Apartment

Mediterranean kitchen via Home Base Design

Known to have started in the south of Italy, Spain and Greece, the romantic and relaxed style of Mediterranean Design can be a fantastic option for your apartment.  I love the rustic feel, textured walls, and deep rich soulful colors. This design style is found mainly in coastal regions, but has overwhelming popularity in all regions of the world.

Just imagine a toe in these deep turquoise waters…ahhhh (I need this today since it’s gloomy and rainy here). Click photo for flickr link.

image via Interior Design

The main color choices of Mediterranean decor are often earthy with depth and vibrancy.  Oranges, deep reds and deep yellows, lavender and aubergine, along with rich dark forest greens. The wood is often rustic and iron work is another design option. A favorite is a very white room with dark wood and iron elements.

image via Interior Design

image via Modern Interior Design Solutions

Ironwork  in the bathroom is a creative and classic option.

Here, a lovely sample of Mediterranean architecture.

Keep in mind the many dynamic options you will find with Mediterranean design for your apartment.

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