Japanese Style Decor

Sick of all the clutter? Then Japanese style decor may be the option for your apartment space. There is a calmness and tranquility that presents itself when designing a room in this style option. Colors are up to you. Dark colors, with black polished wood and reds or pinks work, or for more quiet solitude, peace with your thoughts, go for the pale shades of bamboo, ivory, white, grey, pale green or natural wood tones. Image above from Kaltara Online.

Keep it simple and solve your blank wall dilemma with this Sakura Flowers wall decal, Asian Tattoo Graphic home decor. Via: Tattoodonkey

Feeling Zen? Here are basic guidelines for Japanese style decor:

– Place all furniture in geometric order, lines coordinate and parallel with equal distances. (My OCD need for everything even works here).

– Everything in balance. A balance of polished wood and textures for example, or colors of black and white. Think Yin&Yang symbol.

– Lighting is lantern-like, boxy or round. Shades are made from rice paper or silk.

– Simple panels dress the windows, or simple blinds that coordinate with walls.

– Benches for seating sit on floor. Use Goza mats on tables and Goza rugs are great floor coverings.

– Use rice paper screens to divide spaces or seating areas of your apartment’s rooms. Shaji screens are a nice choice. The rice paper in not see through, but allows enough light to pass to give rooms soft illumination. (Perhaps we can bring this to our minds also.)

Hope you find Japanese style decor and enlightened option for your apartment.

Additional images via Target Woman, Bedroom Interior Design.org, NaBuzz, and Themed Home Decor.

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