Wilkes Barre Apartments – Going Green with Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Many landlords and renters of Wilkes Barre apartments are making the progressive decision of going green with eco-friendly home decor options. This is quickly becoming a more and more accessible option since many companies are selling building and home-decorating products that are organic and naturally based.

So, what actually makes a product green?

If you are considering repainting your Wilkes Barre apartment, usually the first step in redecorating, choose paints without harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs evaporate into the air and cause allergic reactions and irritating smells. Low or no-VOC paint products are now more affordable than ever. Dutch Boy is one company who makes them and is readily available at most local home improvement stores. Look for paints with the GreenGuard Certification.

New furniture for your Wilkes Barre apartment is the next going green choice to make. FSC Certified wood products guarantee that you are purchasing eco- friendly furniture. FSC products are sustainably produced.  They are usually made from re-claimed or re-cycled materials (old furniture for example) or from woods or materials that replenish easily.  Bamboo and rattan are two such materials.

What would your remodeled Wilkes Barre apartment be without new rugs? Green rugs and carpets are often made with natural plant fibers such as bamboo, jute or cotton.  Synthetic rugs are made with nylon, rayon and polyester, all by-products of plastic and definitely not bio-degradable. It has been noted that a discarded area rug made of such fibers will sit in a land-fill for over 50 years!

Hopefully going green in your Wilkes Barre apartment will be and easy and enjoyable decorating endeavor.

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images: Home z Interior and Bamboo Home Decor

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