Scranton Pa. Apartments – White and Turquoise Living

Your new Scranton Pa. apartment can be refreshing and lovely by selecting bright new color choices – like white and turquoise. It’s a daring move, I know, and not for the faint decorator’s heart. This living room above is both bold and relaxing. The dark furniture contrasts the space and the patterned sheers and carpet bring it together. Scranton Pa. apartment listings.

A white bedroom in your Scranton Pa. apartment can easily be given a boost with touches of aqua and turquoise.

The ease of Shabby Chic style using mainly turquoise and white can make a small room in your Scranton Pa. apartment glow with life and welcoming comfort. Grab a book and curl up next to the window.

Simple touch of turquoise in a white on white bedroom. Beautiful.

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