Floating Shelves Revisited

I am probably a floating wall shelf fanatic, and would no doubt have them in every room if I could. They are clean, simple, EASY to clean, and give a modern apartment space fresh look that is functional as well as decoratively beautiful. Floating shelves can be used in place of wall art where one can display collectables or unique pieces that are better to view at eye level instead of on tables.

I have to say, my love for this design option did not come without some fear – a fear of collapsing shelves, smashed treasures, and torn walls! But a little research has put my mind to rest. Manufacturers of floating shelves take into consideration that these babies hang without external support and are designed with sturdy internal screw mechanisms that, when installed correctly, make the shelves extremely strong for even heavier objects or a load of books.

I once visited a modern home that had a beautiful room for relaxation and reading enjoyment. The main wall was covered with floating shelves, all of which were covered with randomly arranged books, from hard covered books to paperbacks.  The lack of subject structure was refreshing and added to the beauty of the room. (I wish I had a picture!)
In the image above I love the great use of floating shelves in a corner office space for an apartment bedroom.

Clever floating shelf idea: the Concealed floating book shelf.  You actually use one of your own books as the base shelf with this nifty, easy to install bracket. The results are pretty cool.

Here’s a few more floating shelf inspirations for your apartment or home.

I love, love this room!

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