Patio Planters

I’m still in the summer patio zone, and now considering some unique patio planter ideas for the spring and summer flowers I like to plant to grace our deck. I love these Slate Planters from Stone Forest Outdoor Planter Collection.

For the do-it-yourself person, this incredible yet simple idea using cinder blocks is a dream planter option if you like the modern style. This planter wall can be created in any size for your patio. I would think it would be best, however, as a ground floor, back yard patio feature.

Here are some more unique patio planter ideas. Enjoy!

6 responses to “Patio Planters

  1. Interesting ideas! Thanks

  2. I love the old boots!

  3. So pretty!!! I LOVE the wall with the pretty blue pots matching the trim of the window and curtains!! Just precious! And pots of tulips? Divine!

  4. Oooh – and the concrete blocks!! Love!

  5. Love the cinder block patio planters, just need to find a wall!

  6. Those tire planters are so cool!