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Friends-TV_Show-Monica_Apartment_Set-01I was watching a season one repeat of Friends yesterday and starting thinking about the creative apartments from TV shows I’ve loved over the years. Pondering research online, I found too many to name (or show) but I narrowed down my favorites of the shows that no longer see air time. Choice number three is the character filled (quite literally) New York apartment that Monica had on Friends. This rent-controlled space was young and inspiring, full of color and comfort. Two bedrooms, bath, open kitchen and that huge angled window that opened onto a fire escape/balcony. The view: into the window of the neighboring apartment building belonging to Ugly Naked Guy! Can’t beat that!

Frazer tv show apartmentMy second choice is Frasier‘s studiously elegant beige on white toned Seattle apartment set.

An upper floor = expensive
That huge, huge floor to ceiling window = expensive
A huge balcony = expensive
Three Bedrooms = expensive
And that gorgeous suede couch that Eddie (the dog) loved = expensive

I’m smitten.

carries-apartment-web.xxlargeBut being a chic who would love to hit New York and never leave, my first choice is Carey’s simple and stylish apartment from Sex and the City. I love the open bedroom and seating area. Who wouldn’t love that walk -in closet/dressing room (filled with those famous Carey shoes, $550 Minolo Blahnik‘s)? Love the hard-wood floors throughout. She had windows too, looking out onto a nice street. I always loved the care-free, yet organized, writer’s style of this apartment. And always will.

I fear I’ve left out some really stunning TV apartments. The Gossip Girl NY lofts come to mind, but what can I say? I have my picks.  Do any of you have a favorite inspiring TV show apartment?

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