Un-Christmas Red and Green Decor

Trendy bedroomStill feeling the spirit of Christmas, but was out to find ideas that make red and green decor look fresh and inviting, and decidedly un-Christmas-like. This red and green and white dressed bed looks fantastic with the gray and white walls. The framed photos, green, set it off without looking like a Christmas room.

red and green decorChanging up the red and green decor with a passionately designed chartreuse  wallpaper makes this space unique. The red lamp, the perfect touch. Love the vintage look as well.

Red-walls-green-sofa-in-living-roomDeep red walls, green borders and furniture…enough said.

red and green decor dining roomA dining space will always look cool in red and green decor. Keeping it simple ends any Christmas vibe. (Cat on table optional).

red and green living roomEven a small apartment space can look cool with red and green decor, especially against white walls.



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