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Lisbon, Portugal a canvas trio (via RL Photography)

The photography is beautiful…as well as the architecture…and great wall decor!

Lisbon, Portugal a canvas trio If you are looking for a great way to dress up your empty white walls here is just the thing! These three images from Lisbon, Portugal are on 1 1/2″ canvas. The sides are painted black to create a framed effect. No framing necessary. Hangs on the wall with just one nail! Just pop them on the wall and your decorating is done! All of these are available on my website … Read More

via RL Photography

Hearst Castle (via phoblography)

Incredible architecture photos. What a great tour they had! The Hearst Castle is a beautiful spot. Enjoy.

Hearst Castle Day 6! We’re almost to the end of my photos from the trip. Hope you enjoyed looking through the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. 🙂 Jay and I drove to the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, Calif., Wednesday morning for a tour. The castle, also known as “La Cuesta Encantada” (Enchanted hill) was built by William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951), newspaper magnate and publisher. The estate is more than 90,000 square feet. There are a total of 56 bedr … Read More

via phoblography

New York City Architecture

Tribeca Penthouse via In Decorating.

Beautiful stairway at the Blesso Loft. Green architecture designed by Joel Sanders.

Unique perspective, an Empire State of mind….
Source unknown.

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Chinatown Loft

Designers Solveig Fernlund and Neil Logan’s Chinatown, NY loft is a statement of simplicity with its openness and fresh minimalist decor. I notice the shoes at the door (a practice we all should incorporate) keeps this stylish apartment clean and welcoming.
Love the open shelf kitchen where dishes offer up great decoration, and the closet door looks like a chalk board. The whole artsy feel is lovely. Check out more pictures and this article at Loft Life.

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I love finding gorgeous photography of architecture. Today’s feature is the brownstone in art. Image above is Autumn Brownstones taken in Boston, Massachusettes by ryser915.

Love the color in this one. Brownstones by baharyuksel.

iheartny  by angellkyst

Bed-Stuy in the Snow by celebdu. The artist’s neighborhood in Brooklyn. All of these artists can be found at Deviant Art.

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Retrospect: The Frankfurt Kitchen

In 1926, Viennese architect, Grete Schutte-Lihotzky, design the Frankfurt Kitchen, a modernist view of a totally functional kitchen. This type of design flourished when it came out. It was the answer to all kitchen needs, and made  antiquated kitchen work, mainly performed by women, more professional. It may have helped that it was designed by a genius woman! Grete spent countless hours analyzing the working needs and space requirements when cooking to make a kitchen efficient, compact, and easy to maintain.

Here, the original Frankfurt design circa 1926.

The Frankfurt Kitchen had many built-in features such as removable storage bins made of light weight aluminum. The originals were manufactured in a WWI ammunition factory.

The Museum of Modern Art recently featured an exhibit of the Frankfurt Kitchen for its contribution to architectural and design history.

reduced space = increased efficiency

Sample of a Frankfurt Kitchen stove.

Today’s modern efficiency kitchen incorporate many design elements of the historic Schutte-Lihotzky kitchen.  The Frankfurt, in its many modern variations, is here to stay I think.

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Green as the treetops….

This extraordinary residence was designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, a sustainable tree house so incredible to look at….

…like living in a piece of artwork….

…and how much more private can you get?

photos by  Cameron Neilson

For more info on this architecture: link

In Brutalist style…

I found this fascinating studio apartment at Interior Arcade.  This cool studio in Londrina, Brazil evokes the Brutalist Architecture style and was designed by young architect Guilherme Torres.

The term “brutalism” refers to a style of architecture first coined in 1953 by British architects Alison and Peter Smithson and was taken from the French term  beton brut, or “raw concrete.”  Brutalism style is usually defined by the striking angular forms in design, where concrete is used in creating a rough appearance and which structural materials of a building are exposed, such as brick, steel, pipes, and stone.

In Torres’ studio we find many experimental design ideas in the Brutalism sense.  He uses exposed brick work, concrete for the table and couch, exposed pipes for the wiring, then softens it all up with a gorgeous chandelier, soft cushions for the couch, and fluffy white shag carpeting.

The architect keeps it simple with a color palette of basically black, white, and shades of gray.  Color touches are added with pillows and decorative pieces.

If your apartment has wide spaces and exposed walls and pipes, a true studio, loft feel, consider the many ideas with Brutalism style in mind.  It is a fresh new way to express yourself and make your living space a true work of art.

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Article and photos: via Interior Arcade

Unique Amsterdam Loft

This unique loft we find totally sweet….that is mainly because it is situated in an 18th century sugar warehouse in Amsterdam.

Built in 1763 and located on the Bloemgracht canal and in the Jordaan district (the hot spot for lofts we’re beginning to realize) the loft also boasts a panoramic view overlooking the city. But an important note on the interior is it continued to remain in its original state for almost 250 years until the owners decided to add their own design tastes and choices. Uxus Design has this to say about the loft: “In keeping the original open-plan layout we created a series of dramatic curtain walls that could be opened and closed according to the needs of use. Made of luxurious Italian linen, the curtain walls are opaque when lit from the front yet transparent from behind. At night, the space becomes a series of glowing tents, creating the effect of a surreal interior landscape.”
—from Loft Life Magazine blog

We love that the designers kept the original beams intact and worked with them, giving this space an updated, yet rustic feel.  Love the chandeliers, over the beds too and the modern living room area.  Visit Loft Life Magazine for full article. (link above)

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Apartments of London

London may be voted as one of the most expensive place in the world to live, but the living space is so beautiful….So it may cost you 15 bucks at the cinema, but it’d be worth it. Above is a street in South Kensington, one of the nicest areas of London.

Love this apartment interior….white, fresh, simple, with a touch of elegance…

Exterior of the Dolphin House Apartments…

Living room space….

Mayfair House Apartments on Shepherd Street….

and what is this breath-taking city without its fog….?….

Last image:

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