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Tips on Moving Artwork

When it comes to moving artwork, preventing damage and getting the treasured piece to your new apartment or home is no small task. Depending on the number of pieces you own, antique art, family heirlooms, or new framed prints that express your personality, taking one day to care for these pieces and prepare them for a move will save you time and potential heartbreak in the future.

Paintings need special care when moving. Antique pieces or heavily framed ones will require efforts to prevent scratching and damage from the possibility of careless hands dropping them, or damage from being shoved into the moving vehicle. Coming in contact with other objects can crack frames, puncture canvases, flake paint pigments on artwork surface. To avoid serious damage I recommend first to wrap the entire painting in a soft cloth or blanket.

Next, bubble wrap is your best friend…and your artwork’s!

Be generous with the wrap, and make sure to use it in both directions on the painting, making extra sure to give the corners extra bubble coverage. Be sure to move paintings together and give them their own space in the moving van or truck, without the possibility of furniture falling against them.

Moving prints are another matter. If relocating one that is framed and covered in glass, which protects the art print, you have to take extra precautions to prevent serious damage. Broken glass can be trouble, not only in cleaning up aspects, and possible injury results, but broken glass often damages the print itself.

To prevent shards of broken glass from puncturing you print, place a checkerboard of blue painter’s tape in a grid over the glass from end to end. This protects the artwork should the glass break by helping you to easily lift off the shards without having them harm the photo print. This also will save your hands from cuts and injuries with handling broken glass. The painter’s tape is easy to remove once your artwork has been successfully transported to its new home. Remember to double bubble wrap glass framed prints also.

If you have artwork that is worth a significant amount of money, insurance is recommended. Get a certified appraisal to protect your antique art.

Remember to take the time and follow these easy steps to prevent loss or damage of your treasured artworks when moving into your new apartment.

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New York Apartment Decor – Room of the Week

Love this spacious New York apartment living room found at Elle Decor. This room features a painting by Takashi Murakami, which just makes me smile, a retro look cocktail table by Guy de Rougemont, and a pair of beautiful Leleu bergeres.

Color the walls activity fun for a happy abode

Oh man, I want to be a kid again and beg my parents for this! Never mind, I think I want it now!

I love Antiques….

…and Two Cherubs Antiques has some beautiful pieces. Honestly, I cannot stop looking. Check it out.

Happy New Year Everyone!

American Made – The General Pencil Company

The days of needing a quality #2 pencil are not gone…my daughter just took PSATs and she needed one, and we rummaged through every drawer in our house in search of one singular #2 pencil. Of course I only found some old pencils probably from a dollar store that were made in Indonesia which didn’t say if they were #2 or 3 or 4 or anything.

So here is a quality answer…the General Pencil Company from Jersey City, New Jersey, right here in the good ol’ USA.  The family owned company has been in business since 1889…talk about vintage love.  The Cedar Pointe Pencils are made with genuine Incense Cedar and the core is #2/HB for writing and drawing. At $10 for 3 dozen…a bargain or what?

The company features an entire line of pencil, graphite and art products, such as graphite drawing tools, powdered graphite and charcoal, compressed charcoal sticks and pencils, water-color pencil sets and pastel chalk sets, to name a few. Art books and how to make pencil kits are also offered, great for kids and classrooms. The website also features an online Artist Community and Gallery that features artists who use the General’s art supplies to create their expressions. Very cool.

The General Pencil Company has a great history.

“We take pride in handcrafting quality pencils and artist materials using traditional methods passed down for five generations. Our history dates back to 1861 when Edward Weissenborn founded the American Lead Pencil Co. in Hoboken, NJ. He was an inventor and machinist and acquired 28 patents for improved machinery and processes in making 360 different kinds of pencils. Weissenborn sold the company to The Reckford family in 1885. He then established the pencil exchange in Jersey City, New Jersey with his son Oscar, in 1889 .Which was later renamed The General Pencil Company.”


Timeless Kitchenware: Polish Pottery

I love Polish Pottery. The popularity of this style of stoneware has caused a rise in store carriers, and new discount stores are popping up all over the place offering unique collections. I never seem to see the same patterns twice. Polish Pottery, or Polish Stoneware, originated int he 18th Century in the German Province Silesia, which is now part of Poland. The small village of Boleslawiec, the name you will often find on the pottery, is where most of the hand crafted and hand painted stoneware is made. image via The Timeless Kitchen

Prices vary depending on store or online shop. It can be a pricey endeavor to buy all at once, but I like to collect pieces one by one using an artistic collectors heart. A dinner plate I find can be anywhere between $30 and $65 depending on pattern and make. My aunt has joined a club where she receives new pieces in the mail each month that she’s ordered through their catalog…interesting idea.

image via Two Sisters Pottery

Polish Pottery often features traditional “peacock feather” type patterns in bold cobalt blues, deep forest greens and sultry dark burgundies intricately painted onto ivory backgrounds.

Master artists create Unikat or Unique signature patterns as featured here in this painting by Heather Sims from her Polish Pottery Still Life Series. Art inspires art.

For me, it is hard to find a piece or pattern that I don’t like. I’d buy everything here if I could. Polish stoneware is very durable. It’s made that way. And it can find its way into your kitchen’s every day use. The stoneware is safe for microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and can even be used in the freezer, though sharp temp changes can effect it. I wouldn’t go with freezer use. Polish Pottery is lead free and cadmium free.

Image via Top Drawer Accoutrements (TDA)

Zebra Stripes don’t scare me…much

I have to decorate a flat white apartment and the tenant wants to keep the place as monochromatic as possible. I threw in some Zebra pillows and she went crazy…with happiness! We tend to see animal prints as a dangerous turn in decorating or even in fashion, and I admit it does take a fearless spirit to wear this bold choice, either on our bodies or in our homes. The photo above, love this room, is from Home Decorating Trends.

Nice touch in a corner of a the bedroom: a splash of zebra print on a fashionable seat.

I must have this chair…found at Design Ties.

I harbor an incredible affection for Italian Murano glass and these Vivarini Zebra lamps from Formia lift my inspiration level.

Haven’t the heart to do a room in zebra print need not deter the zebra-loving soul…Zebra Striped Mug from Cafe Press. Only $18.00

Well, if you love zebras then bring your baby into the world with style. This pink and brown baby girl Zebra Crib Bedding is Made in the USA by Carousel Designs.

Damask rug found on eBay.

And while I’m still trying to decide how to wear my white jeans after Labor Day I may pop out this BluMarine Zebra trench coat from Fall 2010.

Love for zebra print and this furry handbag.

And lastly, always consider adding the indomitable animal to your walls in the form of great artwork or prints…Here Zebra Stripes by momof4boyoboys. Print available.

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What could rain possibly have to do with your apartment decor?…unless of course we are considering your deck or back yard area, then…In any case, we are being inundated with rain, and more rain, and then a little more rain this week. With the drought, heat, and wild-fires in Texas causing havoc I find it hard to believe we live in the same country. But, today, I’ve gone with the rain as inspiration for decor, in the form of artwork in this case.

Great photography comes in many forms…and the simplest things can add interest. Try new artists for original photography at great rates. This photo: Rain Lights by Kateey is available in print. Click image for artist info.

…if I were the rain by Foureyes, another great photography print.

girl in the rain by Pickerel.

Floating Shelves

I simply love the idea of floating shelves. They give an apartment space a new face and can be like a work of art themselves! Floating shelves are great for leaning art or photography works. The shelf above has a lip support for just that purpose.
And of course, the floating shelves are great for books. This type of shelving keeps the floor of your living space free for tables, furniture, or your desk.
Floating shelves are great for vase arrangements and other artistic items you may like to display, like the photo above and below.
And keep in mind the bathroom space for floating shelves as a space saver with great functionality.
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Images: Apartment Therapy

Madonna’s “Subdued Elegance” in Manhattan

In 2007 images of Madonna’s luxury apartment in Manhattan showed up in Architectural Digest with good reason. It’s stunning. The architect was Stephen Wand and the interior designer was Madonna’s brother Christopher G. Ciccone (uh? the brother who wrote that nasty book a few years ago???…oh, well…). He calls the design “subdued elegance” with its art deco feel. Love this room.

The kitchen is sleek and fresh feeling…more modern than the rest of the apartment.

The office is so simple and elegant. And Yes!! That is a Picasso!
Madonna says: “I love the office because I can use my fax machine and look at my Picasso at the same time.” I would love that too! More pics here

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