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Beige and Gray Bedrooms

beige and gray 1

beige and gray 2

beige and gray 3

The loveliness of beige and gray bedrooms for your apartments. Especially love this last room. All images found on Pinterest.

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Apartment Bedroom Style


You can add great style to your apartment bedroom. Keep is simple and fresh. Often the bedroom of an apartment is small. Even though your space is limited, keep you bedroom as clutter free as possible. Use closet space wisely with shelves and buy chests of drawers that are small enough and fit the room size. Love the touch of a full length mirror leaning against the wall. A stylish and useful addition.

apt bedroom

bedroom apartment

Add pieces that express your personality to your apartment bedroom style. A color you love, a unique carpet, books and paintings.

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White Bedrooms


Have a small apartment space? White is the way to go. Today we feature beautiful bedroom spaces…on the tiny side, but lovely and full of great decor ideas.

small white bedroom 2

small white bedroom



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Valentine’s Interior

romantic pink bedroomA romantic pink bedroom for Valentine’s Day.

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Pale Pink Decor

pale pink decorLove the soft romance of pale pink decor, perfect for small apartments. Image via My Love of Style.   Apartments to Like.co

pale pink decor 2What you can do with pale pink decor? Soften the room in the pale pink shade, then add touches of color with all the furniture. Love the color choices here. A yellow chair, teal pillows and lamp, all off-set with ivory tones. Via Pulp Sushi

pale pink decor 3Streaks of pink in a pale pink decor room. Via California Livin Home


Small Apartment Decor

small apartment decorWhat to do with small apartment decor? Although I’ve always loved white to widen a tiny space, adding color can make the space cozy and welcoming. I love the beautiful color touches in this bedroom. The blue door against a deep brown wall is delightful.  Image via The Home Sitter.com  Apartments To Like.com

small apartment decor 2More color for small apartment decor: here going with a vintage feel in olive and brown and tan tones making a gorgeous creative space. Via Interior Pictures

small apartment decor 3Even a small room can take in a large comfy viewing couch, when done right. Found at Two Sevens.com

Un-Christmas Red and Green Decor

Trendy bedroomStill feeling the spirit of Christmas, but was out to find ideas that make red and green decor look fresh and inviting, and decidedly un-Christmas-like. This red and green and white dressed bed looks fantastic with the gray and white walls. The framed photos, green, set it off without looking like a Christmas room.

red and green decorChanging up the red and green decor with a passionately designed chartreuse  wallpaper makes this space unique. The red lamp, the perfect touch. Love the vintage look as well.

Red-walls-green-sofa-in-living-roomDeep red walls, green borders and furniture…enough said.

red and green decor dining roomA dining space will always look cool in red and green decor. Keeping it simple ends any Christmas vibe. (Cat on table optional).

red and green living roomEven a small apartment space can look cool with red and green decor, especially against white walls.



White Bedding

cody-direct-chronos-white-beddingI love white bedding to brighten an apartment dull bedroom. Choosing the right design will bring comfort and style to your room. Visit Apartments To Like Chronos White Bedding by Cody Direct Bedding

Josephin King ChenilleJosephine King Chenille Bedding. $149.99 at Macy’s.com

quilt and shamsI love this bedding. Diamond Stitch Cloudcover quilt and shams.  Decor Pad

Tree Wall Decor

modern-bedroom-ideas-in-attic-house-with-tree-wallpaper-and-ywllow-accentOne way to create a unique space in your apartment is by adding tree decals to a wall. An odd shaped wall is perfect, like in this upper floor bedroom above which slants. It’s hard to find the right kind of art for a wall like this. A wall decal can be the answer. Image via Tapj.com

simple-floating-shelf-and-black-large-size-floor-lamp-for-reading-plus-tree-bedroom-wallpaper-960x720Cool bedroom design with at masculine flare. Edging out a corner for the tree wall decal sets off this space. (Love the floating shelves too!!)

winter-tree-wall-art-decals-in-cute-modern-wall-art-decals-to-decorate-your-empty-interiors-and-related-with-mocha-backdrop-and-the-bare-trees-decor-design-tips-ideasSet off your living room with tree silhouette decals. Simply beautiful.

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Cozy Rooms with Books

cozy roomA cozy bedroom with books…what could be better? Via Alpos.com.

cozy room with booksWe heart It.com

SONY DSCDeep and warm. Love this cozy space for reading touched with an antique style. Diamond Hill Retreat.com.

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