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New Blue: Turquoise

So yes, I am still on a blue kick, and found a nice site called House of Turquoise that is full of the many delightful shades of blue or highlighting any apartment or home.

Nice use of turquoise/teal colored curtains and fixtures above the table.  Turquoise is a unique color…with a hint of green…

Aqua – turquoise kitchen: pale, fresh, comfy.

Lovely bedroom ideas in turquoise and shades of blue with white from Malabar.

Entry way table with painting and walls in lovely shades we found at House Beautiful.

Love this set up. Incredible design ideas in shades of blue…the dishes and vases especially pleasing to this eye.  Design by Hulya Kolabas.

This James Merrell table is cool and inspiring.

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Add a touch of color to your life: Red

Are there times (like with the start of the new year) that you feel your life needs a fresh outlook, some inspiration, some new vitality in action?  Adding a touch of color to your life can subliminally influence you, in the best ways of course.

The impact of color in our lives has been studied and written about for many years.  The power of color cannot be denied.  The color red can influence your emotions and responses.  Red symbolizes action, confidence, courage, and vitality.  It is the color of blood and symbolizes life.  It can bring focus to living and emphasis on survival.  Red is also the color of passion.

In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy.  Brides wear red and front doors are painted red.  Red is Tuesday’s color.

Put some red in your life when you want:

  • increased enthusiasm and interest
  • more energy
  • action and confidence to go after your dreams
  • protection from fears and anxiety

Wing Sofa by Grange

Karen Blixen Red Vase from 95%Danish Love it!

Pacific Connections bath accessories in bright red and white.  Cool.

I’m feeling confident and full of vitality already!

Article sources: Emily Gems and Minolo for the Home