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Unique Bedrooms for Teen Girls

I’ve been on a search for unique bedroom design ideas for teen girls. Once a young lady reaches a certain age, the old pink fluffy stuff hits the donation bags. Gone forever in sight, but hopefully not in mind and heart, are the little girl things that kept us safe and comfortable. A teen needs to express herself, and indulge in some luxury in her own created space. A long the way I’ve found some great little touches, unique color choices, and subtle yet expressive ways to upgrade the young girl room into a young adult haven.

I love the wall paper design above, and the purple, chartreuse, and blue color combination. The standing full length mirror (what girl doesn’t need one?) is a nice touch.

The transition from pre-teen to teen decor can be accomplished with a few simple design changes. A fresh new carpet, new bedding to match, and new window treatments will re-invent this teen’s space. Love the Japanese theme, and again the standing full-length mirror.

Still stay soft and girl-like, but get rid of the stuffed-animals. Love the soft yet colorful bedroom featured here.

Betsy Johnson would be proud! For a girl with some zest and daring this bright zebra print room is loaded with style and charisma. Black and white and pink is always fun.

For the young woman who love a fresh and clean style, with a bit of a vintage touch. I love the fluffy shag carpets on top of carpets and the creative chandelier makes a nice statement. Creating a unique teen bedroom can be a fun decor challenge.

Creative Apartments: Round Rugs

Love the creative interest a circular plush carpet can make in a room…found this room at Apartment Therapy.

Green circular rugs from Ikea.

Vista beige shag rug found at The Rugs Collection.

Dhara Tufted Wool Round Rug in floral green found at Bizrate.

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Creative Bookshelves

If you’re anything like me, when you move into your new apartment one of the main things you have to content with are the numerous and bicep inducing heavy boxes of books that you have to move.  And then comes the most heart stopping question:  Where will I put them?

If your new apartment doesn’t have built-in books shelves, like this one in a Soho loft, then you may face some decisions on how to design a nice space to store your books, CDs, and DVDs.  I scouted around and found some lovely options that are both creative and expressive.  A lot of shelf design options can be built yourself, if you have some wood working skills, but otherwise going for a unique shelf in your living space can work as a storage area as well as an artistic feature.

This bookshelf unit, believe it or not, is made of cardboard, as well as the following one:

I couldn’t help but be inspired by this circular design, especially with the spiral working in it. And, they are environmentally friendly. Design by Giles Miller who makes unique cardboard products.

Don’t forget to look for the unusual.  This Quasi-hexagonal bookcase is a great example of design and modern thinking.  I love the way the books kind of fall into a mad-cap arrangement in these odd shaped spaces, giving the piece a neat yet artistic feel. This bookcase was designed by Sean Yoo and is made of polypropylene – uh, the stuff that the bumper of your car is made of, which makes this book shelf quite durable and ready for action.

Shelving with a modern vibe: These Tangram Bookshelves come in 7 pieces that you can arrange in your design preference.  Bring your imagination to the table, or in this case the wall! Here, I like what looks like a cat in the upper right, and the tie figure in the lower right (blue).  The top left looks like a waiter to me… check out Like Cool for info on these shelves.

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