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White + Black

white plus black decor 1And so begins a new year… Featuring today, on this snow in PA second day of 2014 white plus black decor options for your apartment. There are no two color choices that give direct contrast, a contrast so profound and crisp, as white and black. Love a mostly white room, highlighted with black decor, like the table above and the patterned pillows. Curious about the type written words on mirror (have to look into that!).  Image via 55 Downing Street

white plus black decor 2Apartments To Like.com    Nothing like a white room with black stripes! A small apartment finds definition with this style.  Image via Stupic.com

white plus black decor 3Another great apartment room featuring white plus black decor. Love the chair and pillows. Simple and stately. Image via HouseArquitectura.com

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Landlords – Tips to Get an Apartment Rented

Landlords learn the importance when showing an apartment through it’s design, appearance and amenities  are extremely important factors needed to attract a good tenant or tenants.

  • Emotions,  Yes Emotions.. Get your apartment rented through DESIGN.

Kitchen & Bathrooms are the most important rooms a landlord shows to a prospective tenant.  The picture of the red kitchen below is probably and little extreme for most rental properties but my point is that both the kitchen and bathroom should be up to date and clean.  A landlord should, if possible accomplish what is call the WOW factor.  Wouldn’t you think that when a landlord was to show prospective tenants the kitchen pictured below the first response from them would be WOW! .. said with their eyes wide open.  Yes, now you have connected with their emotions.   Again, this is a unique picture but remember that an up to date and clean kitchen can also accomplish the WOW factor.  A landlord can also dress it up with some highlights such as a small flower arrangement in the right place or places.

Modern kitchen

When a landlord offers an apartment for rent that is furnished a landlord should always make sure the furniture is not shabby or outdated.  This is a great opportunity for an apartment to be staged. Done properly with the right design, furniture and accents throughout it could then get the WOW factor from prospective tenants. iStock_000012720001XSmall


  • Screening Process is Important!  Consider a three step screening process,
    1. First Contact
    2. Rental Application
    3. Credit & Background Check

The Virgin Renter – Apartments for Rent in Wilkes Barre Pa

Are you renter for the first time and looking for Apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa? Here are some helpful tips for first time virgin renters who are spreading their independence wings with a new apartment of their own.

One of the first things to remember is to never go over your budget with  apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa. Sit down and assess all expenses that you presently have, and all expenses that you will have when you rent your apartment. Most investment professionals recommend that you spend no more than 1/4 of your monthly income on your rent, though I’ve come across recommendations of 1/3. Be sure to include utilities like electricity, cable, internet, and parking fees as well as any other expenses not included in your rent. By staying within budget of your apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa, you will avoid pain and disappointment of having to give up your space, and the dreaded move back home to your old room that your parents were attempting to make into a workout space. (You may have to live with a treadmill for a while.)

Another thing to consider financially is to save up money for your rental application fees, security deposit (which is usually required) and move-in expenses. Some landlords of apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa require the first and last months rent paid at the leases signing, which can add up to quite a large check that you’ll have to write out, all before you can even set one chair in the living room.

Is the cost of apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa a bit too high, but you’ve found one that you simply love with two bedrooms and the huge living room, with hardwood floors and an island kitchen? You may want to consider finding a roommate to help share the expenses. But be sure to follow the advise  in the Sharing Your Place category on the front page of this blog. It covers why have a roommate, roommate questionnaires and agreements, as well as an article on why not to have a roommate and many other things you may not have considered.

Make sure that you thoroughly read the lease for apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa. Then read it again. Be sure that you understand all you obligations completely, and all the rules before signing. Once you signature is there, you are held bound to the contract legally. Have a knowledgeable person help you understand things in the lease that you deem questionable. Sometimes the legal words and writing can be confusing. Ask for help. There’s nothing worse for a renter than being dissatisfied with something and finding out that it was or wasn’t included in the lease you signed.

Be sure to search for new apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa online. Check out ApartmentsToLike.com for listings of available apartments or homes in Wilkes Barre and the surrounding area. Looking for an efficiency? One bedroom? A large or small studio? A certain location? Near college or work? Or a more spacious home for rent? You will find the latest listings and contact information here.

Or, if you are in the market for apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa, stop in and visit The Apartment Finders Shop located in the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes Barre. Fill out a wish list and we’ll help you find a place with potential.  The shop is open Thursday through Sunday.

Finally, always think ahead about references. Have written references ready from friends of family and employees. Landlords and property owners of apartments for rent in Wilkes Barre Pa will often request these character references to be sure that you are a responsible person and will take care of the apartment leased to you. It is also important, if you are under a certain age, to have a co-signer available for your lease. A parent, family member or other friend or relative can do this, which guarantees the landlord that your rent will be covered should you fail for some reason to pay on time.

All in all, the virgin renter need not fear this huge step in life, but look at it with joy and anticipation.  It can be quite an exhilarating learning experience, and with the right thought and preparation, a successful one.

Tips on Landlord associations for all landlords.

Online Rental Advertising – Free and More Free

As a Landlord, How do you advertise your rental? A newspaper ad? A sign in the available apartment’s front window? How responsive are people to your advertising endeavors? How much does it cost you? How many months do you go without income from your unoccupied space? Have you looked online and get discouraged or confused about how or where to list your rental?

What if you could get a web-presence for you available rental that was easy to do and absolutely free?

At Apartments To Like.com, a premier rental listing site, you as a landlord can find an incredible way to advertise to potential tenants your available rental space, whether it be an apartment or home. Apartments To Like was created and is managed by a highly experienced landlord who knows the needs of landlords (and renters as well) and has built this listing website to give rental property owners a way to present their available listings in the best possible light. The expertise presented in this listing site is above and beyond other similar listing sites.

And the best part – You can list for FREE! No kidding! No strings!

Apartments To Like.com offers a quality do-it-yourself page to display your rental. With a few easy clicks you can highlight all the amenities and features that your rental space offers, enticing a future tenant. Photos can be added to your page straight from you computer. (And if you’re not sure how to do this, a step by step guide is offered to show you how!). Your listing page will also include a slide show of the photos you upload and a location map for your rental address.

One of the most outstanding and interesting features of Apartments To Like.com is the Renters Connect System. This system is easy to follow and will give your rental listing maximum exposure by connecting your online Apartments To Like page directly from your local newspaper advertising. This one unique step will bring your apartment’s full description, pictures, a location map, and even a slide show of your rental to a prospective tenant who finds your listing in the paper. They can view your listing online with all the available info, including your contact information where they can reach you with their interest.

Your listing is very easy to set up and a breeze to manage any time, any day, 24/7! It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to set up. That’s it. You can update your listing page any time, and when your apartment or home is rented, you can maintain the listing in a non-active status for future use.

If you ever have questions about how to do anything, the competent staff at Apartments To Like will be available to help you so that your listing will get the highest and best quality presentation. As a added benefit, the resident writer may feature you listing on the Apartments i Like  blog page, Facebook and Twitter.

Visit Apartments i Like.com to get started. It’s an easy and exciting way to bring your landlord career to its fullest potential.

Condo Available in Las Vegas

Lovely 3 bedroom 1200 sq. ft. condo is available for rent for around $1070 a month in Las Vegas. No Broker’s fee. Features a balcony, patio, and pool among its many quality amenities. Pets allowed.  Click here for more information and contact info.

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Chinatown Loft

Designers Solveig Fernlund and Neil Logan’s Chinatown, NY loft is a statement of simplicity with its openness and fresh minimalist decor. I notice the shoes at the door (a practice we all should incorporate) keeps this stylish apartment clean and welcoming.
Love the open shelf kitchen where dishes offer up great decoration, and the closet door looks like a chalk board. The whole artsy feel is lovely. Check out more pictures and this article at Loft Life.

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Fresh Teal-Blue Decor

The softness of white, with teal-blue accents speaks of summer in all its freshness. Love this black and white and teal lamp shade, and blue accent frame in back ground.
Add some spice with zippy blue and brown wallpaper shown here with a vintage look desk. Perfect for a small spaced office in your apartment.
Robin Egg blue on the walls…the only thing cooler would be…
….blue floors…via Apartment Therapy.
French teal linen Wingback chair by Anthony Todd.

Silk Filigree cushion cover found on Overstock.com.
Add an ocean cool modern sofa to your apartment’s living room and design around it. Sebring sofa from Scandinavian Comfort.
Pale blue kitchen from Live Creating Yourself.
Vintage bottle collection…great decorative idea found at WeddingBee.

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White, black and pink Decor

Drapery Drapes.com
White and black with pink accent bedroom and living room ideas from DecorPad.
Pink/white/black Poppie Wallpaper via Decor Supplies.
Love these pink chairs and curtains in white room with black highlights.

Use these great expressive ideas in your own apartment.


More Retro Living

When considering a unique style in your new apartment, or redoing your old, why not consider going retro? It’s fun, funky, and make a statement. Here a sample of a totally fresh look with a 60s feel. Grandma’s old furniture never looked so good.

Absolutely love, love this room! Vintage living room with a framed Hermes scarf via 2nd Floor Living.  The framing of a cool scarf is a great and easy art idea. Love the numerous colored throw pillows too.

A cool store with awesome retro collectables: Old Values.  Love this picture of inspiration found at their website.

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