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Landlords – Tips to Get an Apartment Rented

Landlords learn the importance when showing an apartment through it’s design, appearance and amenities  are extremely important factors needed to attract a good tenant or tenants.

  • Emotions,  Yes Emotions.. Get your apartment rented through DESIGN.

Kitchen & Bathrooms are the most important rooms a landlord shows to a prospective tenant.  The picture of the red kitchen below is probably and little extreme for most rental properties but my point is that both the kitchen and bathroom should be up to date and clean.  A landlord should, if possible accomplish what is call the WOW factor.  Wouldn’t you think that when a landlord was to show prospective tenants the kitchen pictured below the first response from them would be WOW! .. said with their eyes wide open.  Yes, now you have connected with their emotions.   Again, this is a unique picture but remember that an up to date and clean kitchen can also accomplish the WOW factor.  A landlord can also dress it up with some highlights such as a small flower arrangement in the right place or places.

Modern kitchen

When a landlord offers an apartment for rent that is furnished a landlord should always make sure the furniture is not shabby or outdated.  This is a great opportunity for an apartment to be staged. Done properly with the right design, furniture and accents throughout it could then get the WOW factor from prospective tenants. iStock_000012720001XSmall


  • Screening Process is Important!  Consider a three step screening process,
    1. First Contact
    2. Rental Application
    3. Credit & Background Check

Healthy Home – Rugs

Now a days, people are thinking about healthy lifestyles, and the living space of the apartment or home is no exception. The healthier the atmosphere, the better we feel. And this can come right down to the furniture that you sit on, and the rugs that you walk on. I fell in love with these fabulous rugs, especially the kids collection of rugs that I found at Indi-B, a cute company that features healthy home rugs that are made from all natural fibers and dyes.  They are certified through GoodWeave (which supports child-labor laws).

All rugs are made from 100% wool with cotton backing, handmade by Artisans in India.

The Home Collection is quite unique also.

Check online store for more information on these wonderful healthy finds.

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Made in America

I’m on a search for new furniture…and I’d like to go with American made is I can. It seems a daunting undertaking since most of our every day products are imported, and furniture is no exception. Most of it is made in China, with a few stray pieces I’ve come across that were made in Mexico. At least we are on the same continent there.  But now I’ve come across a luxurious furniture design company that displays as their key feature the symbol of made in America.

Furniture by Lee, or Lee Industries, offers innovative designs with great Earth-Friendly upholstery options in styles that will surprise for all rooms of your new home or apartment. And best of all, as they boast, all pieces are made in America! This company was featured on ABC News with Diane Sawyer in the Made in America series last month. I certainly love the pieces they produce.

I will continue my search for more furniture and home design and decorating options. If you know of any great companies to feature let me know.  I would certainly love to put them on my list. As it is, I cannot find a coffee pot that’s make in the US, and from what I watched on the ABC new special, they couldn’t find one either.

All images in this article via Lee Industries.

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Unique Color Decor – Chartreuse

Are you daring enough to consider painting your walls, or one wall perhaps, which would still be a brave endeavor, in this heart stopping green within yellow color?  Chartreuse is making a renew rise in decorating. Once a staple color of the 50s and 60s home and hotel design, this extraordinary hue is having a big come-back. Consider some of the following finds if you are thinking of updating your environment.  Love Chartreuse!!

Modern Bendant Lamp designed by Jaime Salm. $175 at MioCulture.

Yes, an image from yesterday’s blog, but I love this room.
Chartreuse perfection!

Bathroom vanity expression…

image: Metropolitan Home

VTG Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments found on Ebay.

Chartreuse rose bouquet….


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