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Small Apartment Furniture

Keeping small apartment furniture sleek and modern will give a tiny living space a grander feel. Monochromatic tones in furnishings and a clutter-free environment make a small space roomier.

A small space can be fun and functional even if you have a lot of books or stuff to store. Using a wall of shelves creates interest. White on white decor opens a room up and adding touches of color with these modern small apartment furniture samples makes a plain space fun.

Even a one room studio apartment can feel fun and open with unique modern touches as shown here. Click small apartment furniture images in this post for source links and more info.

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Art and Furniture Meet: Francois Bauchet

French designer Francois Bauchet has linked art expression with furniture design in awe inspiring ways. He is best know for the Yang Sofa, often called the puzzle sofa.

“When I was young, I was always fascinated with how things fitted together – from clothes to toys, furniture, buildings, everything.” – Francois Bauchet

I love also the Pluriel furniture collection, especially this sofa in my ever fave color: chartreuse!

“When I started I was very influenced by minimal art in the USA and really felt a need to communicate – that for me was by provoking rather than presenting something very ordinary that people wouldn’t really look.  I still wanted my designs to be practical and answer people’s needs but I wanted people to have an emotional connection with them also.” – Francois Bauchet

Francois Bauchet lives in Paris and teaches at the School of Fine Art in Saint Etienne. The Yang and Pluriel Sofa systems were designed for Ligne Roset.

Visit the  Francois Bauchet website for more info and prices. (They are a bit steep, but fun to look at and adore anyway!).

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