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Chandelier Fascination in Bedrooms

My fascination with chandeliers continues as I consider them for my own bedroom this week. I’ve been looking at Murano glass ones, a statement of luxury, that need not be limited to grand scale homes, but can work well in smaller apartment spaces if displayed right. They can be an instant conversation piece in any room, of course, but let’s look at some bedrooms.

Love this stunning blue Murano glass chandelier and the beautiful contrast it provides in this soft white room.

Cute room (note the zebra carpet featured on previous post) and the chandelier of Murano glass adds to it. Not crazy about the wall decals, but otherwise it’s an eclectic mix of creativity.

Much as I like the Murano glass, I have to say that this stylish gold chandelier would suit my space more. This smaller style sets off the white pure space. (Love the fringy-furred throw over the bed also).

And I’ve always loved the idea of bedside chandeliers. This image from Living Etc. is lovely and expressive for a guest room perhaps.

This image shows how side-table chandeliers can be hung from wall sconces. Great idea.
All images shown are via Apartment Therapy.

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Feeling Blue

Got the winter blues?  Hopefully not the emotional blues, but we’ve got the design blues here.

The trend of the color blue and all its many shades of emotional bliss is still in full swing when it comes to decorating homes and apartments.  This wonderful blue living room idea we found at See the Spark opens one’s eyes to the possibilities of using blue to enhance your apartment.

Blue of course is unlimited in shade value, as we see in this powder blue retro kitchen and breakfast suite designed by Brandon Barre.  Shades of blue can be too numerous to name, but here are a few: azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower, cyan, indigo, midnight, navy, Prussian, Robin’s egg, royal, sapphire, sky, slate, or steel blue.

Love these “ocean” blue glass dishes found at New York Classic Party Rentals.

And the meaning of blue: Blue is calming.  It was named the color of the year in 2008.  Blue has qualities of stability, spiritual and mystical when combined with purple, and mysteriousness.  Dark blues are associated with intelligence, unity, integrity, stability, and being conservative.

Though, this wonderful bed design is far from conservative.  Found this lovely idea at Home Decoration Collection.

Easily add a touch of blue to your outdoor table with these blue plastic martini glasses that look amazingly like real glass from City Liquidators.

Ah, a piece of perfection in a blue designed home.  Clear glass chandelier with blue silk shades and blue Murano glass crystals.  Murano Imports.com.

To adorn your walls with blue beauty, consider a painting in blue tones to enhance a blank space.  This painting is by Megan Sax.

Feeling blue can lead to endless decorating ideas in your apartment.  Consider the color blue to enhance you space and create a calming, stable, and inviting environment to live in and share.

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