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Apartments to Like

apartments to likeApartments to Like

Stroudsburg Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic Interiors

If you are in search of Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent you will find many beautiful and unique dwellings in this modern and progressive town. Your decor choices will reflect your personality, and the lay-back comfort of the Shabby Chic style is ever popular, and one of my favorites for apartment decorating. Adding simple touches, like a unique bookshelf, stained in white, creates a great addition to your Stroudsburg Pa apartments. Make it an artistic piece, instead of loading it with every book that you own. Keeping a color scheme is a nice touch here.

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Many Stroudsburg Pa apartments will need creative lighting fixtures. The Shabby Chic style is known for this key decor ingredient: a stylish romantic chandelier. When you check into Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent, look to ceiling light hook-ups available in the apartment space. The right chandelier will add warm light to the living room and especially a bedroom. Why not go with a romantic chandelier to add interest to your space? Check with your landlord for hook-up availability.

Add a bit of shabby chic style to new Stroudsburg Pa apartments can be as easy as visiting a local flea market. An old ornate mirror will set of your space with gorgeous flair. When visiting Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent, ask about local shopping markets and furniture stores. Many antique stores are located around the area where you can find many interesting and romantic pieces to add to your new living space. Mirror image via Forever Interiors.

No matter how simple or modern Stroudsburg Pa apartments are, you can add simple shabby chic style to the space. Slip covered furniture and unique throws add interest. Room size is another thing to consider when looking at Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent. Large over-stuffed furniture pieces, another style option in Shabby Chic decor, will look too large and cumbersome in a small living room. Do some measuring before selecting furniture sizes.

Nothing is more romantic and comfortable than a soft pillowy bed. Many Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent will feature fresh well-lit bedrooms, perfect for featuring a  bed like this one.

If relocating to this lovely area you will find gorgeous Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent.

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Scranton Pa Apartments – Chartreuse Decor

Scranton Pa apartments – chartreuse decor! Well, spring is spring in early for us here in Scranton Pa, and with such lovely warmth comes interior inspiration. A lovely color option for Scranton Pa apartments is the lemon soda color of chartreuse. When done with thought this color is a unique way to bring a modern, yet vintage, look to a new living space. Above design by Amy Lau.

See Scranton Pa apartments listed here.

Rooms with minimal natural light in Scranton Pa apartments can benefit from the soft color of chartreuse. Here vintage designed sofas and 60s style tables and shelving completer the chic look. Amy Lau design.

Brighten up a neutral-colored environment in your Scranton Pa apartments with one furniture piece in chartreuse.  Great room design here by Chloe Warner.

A fun room, kid friendly, modern design by Grace Home Design, Inc.

I simply cannot resist this Jane Churchill chartreuse green velour couch. Love the color combinations here for your Scranton Pa apartments.

See  more great Scranton Pa apartments for rent at Apartmentstolike.com.

A Peach Apartment

There’s something about a peach apartment. Nothing says more of elegance, warmth and romance than a lovely warm peach shade of color to highlight your Wilkes-Barre apartment’s decor. Consider this color when looking for a change in overall feeling to your new place, or your old one. Here, I love the contrasting colors of rust and olive green to balance the peach toned walls. White accents and dark wood always work. Image via Food and Home.

What can be lovelier to softly brighten a young girl’s room in your Wilkes-Barre apartment?
Image via The Kid’s Room Decor.

Need a new idea for your Wilkes-Barre apartment? This peach and plum decor contemporary bedroom idea is refreshing and fun. Image via Interior Ideaz.

Soft peach adds brightness and warmth to a long hallway in your Wilkes-Barre apartment. If your apartment is in an older house or mansion that’s been converted to apartments you will often find gorgeous door frames and window frames that can be contrasted with white as shown here. Check with your landlord for the okay to your creative painting ideas. Image via Home Design.

This goes on my list of favorite rooms: a peach Moroccan-style living room with pink and beige toned highlights. Dynamic yet warm…perfect for a unique change in your Wilkes-Barre apartment. image via A Touch of Luxe.

If you are looking for a Wilkes-Barre apartment, or one in Luzerne county of PA, visit Apartmentstolike.com for available listings.

Frank Sinatra Slept Here

I’m always searching for an interesting celebrity (alive or dead it seems) apartment for an article, and couldn’t resist presenting this find…The fascinating old penthouse on East 72nd Street in New York, formerly owned by Old Blue Eyes himself!  photo credits: Evan Sung for The New York Times

The apartment is being sold by Denton Cox, Sinatra’s former doctor. It was kept pretty much like Sinatra designed it, as you can see in the 60s style kitchen. It was being renovated by the owner, but was never finished.

The closet with original wall paper…still looks pretty good.

Looks like the entrance…

A 2000 square foot terrace on two levels  with a conservatory graces this penthouse. Needs a lot of work. I couldn’t find a price. Curious.

Article via: The New York Times

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Retro Living, Vintage style

Retro design is a nice, clean new/old look that can add freshness and interest to your new living space.  I must say, it only works for me if the room is done completely in this style. So when considering making the room vintage, look for a theme, like the 70s for example, and stick with decorating items in that style era.  It can be fun.

Retro kitchen sets are pretty easy to come by online. Many companies make new sets in this classic style.

A piece of retro and whimsical fun…

Vintage office design idea…

Crosley Old Vintage style turntable record player…

More color and fun with this Funky Retro Owl clock.

Retro furnishings in your apartment can give it a style and freshness. Love the color scheme here found at The Home Look.

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Celebrity Bedrooms

You can get so many ideas from celebrity living spaces for your new apartment. I found these wonderful images at Elle Decor. Taking a few hints and incorporating them into you own bedroom space can give your escape room a personalized feel, welcoming and unique to you.

Above, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s Bridgehampton master bedroom is crisp and fresh with its white theme.  Touches of color in accessories only. Apple-green vintage chairs, a sisal rug, and Ikea curtains.  Designer, Eric Hughes.

Cindy Crawford had decorator Michael S. Smith help design her Malibu home which she shares with husband Rande Gerber.  In the bedroom: Moroccan rugs, embroidered bed covers.  True comfort and sophistication.

Ralph Lauren’s bedroom at his Montauk retreat features a teak bed with Ralph Lauren Home Madras cotton bed curtains. This room has a tranquil, tropical feel.

Donatella Versace’s Milan bedroom features a Julian Schnabel metal bed and black lacquer side table. Her style is both classic and modern, a true eclectic design.

Love this bedroom owned by Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell.  She used soft muted tones in her bedroom oasis.  On the bed: an antique suzani.  Rugs by Madeline Weinrib.

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