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Apartment Style: Shabby Chic

shabby-chic-rugsWant to create an apartment style that is both inviting and stylish? Consider going Shabby chic with your apartment decor. This wonderful design option uses soft hues of white and ivory, fluffy pillows, lace, as in this wonderful center floor rug and cushy furniture that begs to be sat in. Image above via Little Lovables at Blogspot.

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Shabby Chic Home Office

shabby chic home officeA few simple touches to your home office can bring a Shabby Chic feel of comfort and warmth. A soft pillow on your chair, flowers in a vase, and softer color choices contribute here. The hutch for office shelves a nice touch too.

French-inspired-home-officeGo different. Shabby chic antique finds for a home or apartment office can make a space comfortable and welcoming.

shabby chic officeCheck out this great home office space with Shabby chic elements in the softest of teal hues. More images of this shabby chic home office at Modern Home Idea.


Romantic Bedrooms

creative bedroom

creative vintage bedroom

romantic bedroom

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Bethlehem Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic Christmas Decor

shabby chic 3Simple and stylish, adding Shabby Chic Christmas decor to Bethlehem Pa Apartments will make your holiday warm and bright.

shabby chic christmasKeep Bethlehem Pa apartments simple and chic with unique decor choices. Vintage decor on the tree in a color theme sets the holiday off nicely. I love the red highlights here, and the mantle display.

a little goldCenterpieces of gold and silver are wondrous shabby chic decor touches for Bethlehem Pa Apartments. I love this silver dish with a touch of gold. Looks like a sea-side Christmas. Wish I was there.

Shabby-ChristmasWhite on white is classic shabby chic design and it’s even more beautiful with Christmas decor in Bethlehem Pa apartments. The white vintage look bobbles on the Christmas tree and silver wrapped presents add the finishing touches. This room takes my breath away. Cozy and chic.

ornaments bowlOne of my favorite shabby chic Christmas decor ideas for Bethlehem Pa apartments: a bowl of ornaments. All those extras, the old ones, vintage balls, or ones that have lost their ends can be used for a bowl of Christmas. Use as a center piece or on the buffet table. I have a clear glass bowls of blue, gold, and silver ones on my fridge top. Looks smashing.

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Blue Shabby Chic

A bland apartment space can be transformed easily into a cozy blue Shabby Chic haven with a few touches from this popular country design line. The color blue is both soothing, relaxing and promotes rejuvenation in the human spirit, especially when the blue is in the softest of pale shades. Bedroom image via Interior Fans.com

The antique appeal of Shabby Chic furniture and the roughed up finish of this pale blue sink chest and medicine cabinet are perfection in this style of decor. To make it more shabby and chic? Add odd finds from flea markets, like jars, old glassware or china to complete the look. These items can be functional as well for storage or soap containers. Image via Home and Decor.

Adding a heavily quilted and pillowed daybed to any room give an instant seating space or a great place to curl up and read a book or take a nap. Love the mix of blue colors here. Via Coastal Living.

Via Home and Decor

Add some floral slip covered chairs and soft patterned linens to your dining space for a vintage shabby chic feel. Image via True Lock Equals True Love.

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Wilkes Barre Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic Style

Being creative with Shabby Chic style in Wilkes Barre Pa apartments can be a fun endeavor. Little touches of carved mirrors, unique tables, and cushiony furniture, even in a small room, will bring this chic design home.

An old Victorian bathroom in Wilkes Barre Pa apartments is perfect for Shabby chic style decor options. Adding soft curtains around tub, creative ironworks, and softer feminine touches make a long hot bath with a cool glass of wine a most welcoming experience.

A nice touch to a Wilkes Barre Pa apartments bedroom is an antique writing desk with pretty chair. Simple, white, and totally chic.

Many Wilkes Barre Pa apartments feature dining room spaces. Shabby chic style decor is beautiful in the eating area.  A soft draping table cloth, pillows on chairs, and of course, a chandelier, complete this gorgeous shabby chic room.

A perfect addition to a corner of Wilkes Barre Pa apartments: A French shabby chic table and chair. Visiting local flea markets and antique sales for interesting pieces to add to your decor.

Elegant, romantic, with a touch of vintage appeal, this gorgeous Shabby Chic minimalist canopy bed would be perfect in the bedroom space of Wilkes Barre Pa apartments. To get the look: a marshmallow fluffy comforter, pillows upon pillows, all in crisp white. Crystal chandelier is a nice romantic touch.

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Emmaus Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic Dining Rooms

Going with Shabby Chic decor for your Emmaus Pa apartments? I found some beautiful room ideas to bring this style into the dining area of your Emmaus Pa apartment.

Shabby Chic’s key design element is the unfinished, or roughed-up look of the wood on tables and chairs, giving the dining space a worn, well-loved feel and texture. Pure comfort in Emmaus Pa apartments.

Posted this picture before, but I absolutely love the unique and fresh feel of this dining room. Very chic.

In deep color love here with this simple elegant Shabby chic look for your Emmaus Pa apartment. The chairs are lovely in design and the soft yellow chiffon walls are precious.

A great Shabby Chic dining space for a full on French country feel. Love the dark and white wood finishes combined keeping the space fresh and soothing to the eye. The chalk-board a nice added feature. Consider some of these creative design options for you Shabby Chic Emmaus Pa apartment.


Shabby Chic Sofas for Your Stroudsburg Apartment

I love Shabby Chic sofas, have one myself in my comfy living room, and for your new Stroudsburg apartment you may want this fresh new look.¬† I’ve come across some gorgeous sofas with this design style. I wish I had enough rooms for all of them.¬† Image above: Art Streiber

How to design an open room in your Stroudsburg apartments?  Remember a large ornate mirror, and a pretty chandelier.

Love the Paris charm with this Shabby Chic sofa via HGTV.com

Here is a cute eclectic pink Shabby Chic sofa for your Stroudsburg apartment. Adding contrast colors and prints gives the space a cozy country feel. Image via Houzz.com

image via Shabby Chic-Rachel Ashwell

A Stroudsburg apartment could not get more chic than this white on white room found at Lonny Magazine.

For a listing of Stroudsburg apartments for rent click here.

Stroudsburg Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic Interiors

If you are in search of Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent you will find many beautiful and unique dwellings in this modern and progressive town. Your decor choices will reflect your personality, and the lay-back comfort of the Shabby Chic style is ever popular, and one of my favorites for apartment decorating. Adding simple touches, like a unique bookshelf, stained in white, creates a great addition to your Stroudsburg Pa apartments. Make it an artistic piece, instead of loading it with every book that you own. Keeping a color scheme is a nice touch here.

Look at available Stroudsburg Pa apartments listed here

Many Stroudsburg Pa apartments will need creative lighting fixtures. The Shabby Chic style is known for this key decor ingredient: a stylish romantic chandelier. When you check into Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent, look to ceiling light hook-ups available in the apartment space. The right chandelier will add warm light to the living room and especially a bedroom. Why not go with a romantic chandelier to add interest to your space? Check with your landlord for hook-up availability.

Add a bit of shabby chic style to new Stroudsburg Pa apartments can be as easy as visiting a local flea market. An old ornate mirror will set of your space with gorgeous flair. When visiting Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent, ask about local shopping markets and furniture stores. Many antique stores are located around the area where you can find many interesting and romantic pieces to add to your new living space. Mirror image via Forever Interiors.

No matter how simple or modern Stroudsburg Pa apartments are, you can add simple shabby chic style to the space. Slip covered furniture and unique throws add interest. Room size is another thing to consider when looking at Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent. Large over-stuffed furniture pieces, another style option in Shabby Chic decor, will look too large and cumbersome in a small living room. Do some measuring before selecting furniture sizes.

Nothing is more romantic and comfortable than a soft pillowy bed. Many Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent will feature fresh well-lit bedrooms, perfect for featuring a  bed like this one.

If relocating to this lovely area you will find gorgeous Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent.

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