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Desks for Small Living Spaces

If you are living in a small spaced apartment you may find it hard to fit a desk into your furniture options. I see plenty of tenants with computers on kitchen tables and coffee tables. But if you can find a small piece of wall space, why not consider a small secretary desk. It’s easy to access, easier to keep work organized too. If you’re a student, in college or of the world, this is important. I love this West Elm framed secretary desk above, which actually folds up so work can be hidden away easily when you need to relax or have company. The wood stool is a nice touch and easy to put away underneath. A laptop computer would snug in there nicely. Image found at  Apartment Therapy Unpluggd.

Want to invest? Why not go antique or vintage? This lovely secretary desk is 19th century French Iron with antique black finish.  At bit pricey at $1135.00 but could be worth it. A keeper. At Restoration Hardware.

What to put in that one lost small corner? A functional desk! Love this whole decor option with the vintage phone; nice touch. For more great ideas visit Desks for Small Spaces.


Small Dinettes for Small Kitchens

A small space requires small furniture…and a kitchen that affords room for a small dinette it ideal for a cozy eating in experience. The Carey Dinette Set above is shown in a large space, but imagine it against that plain wall in you apartment’s kitchen. Elegant, affordable and easy to care for, at Dinette.com. The following are a couple more sample I love.

Parker Folding Dinette set.

Cool small retro look from Retro Planet.

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