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Cat Themed Interiors

Cat themed interiors? I tend to stay away from the idea of filling a room with some kind of animal theme, not in animal prints, but in the idea of having animal pillows, carpets, wall art, etc. randomly coating a room with its pesky furry decor theme. But if done subtly, with a few unique choices, featuring a cat, for example can add a nice touch to any room.

A simple way to add “le chat” to interiors: a cool cat wall sticker. Below, floating shelves, which I love, feature a cat wall sticker addition to make it a bit creative and interesting. Cat wall sticker by 33dodo Studio.

I love Tiffany style lamps and this cat ceiling pendant is no exception. Stained glass lamp designed by Meyda Tiffany.

Luxurious style bedroom with an unexpected touch of leopard print carpeting. I kind of like it.

And so I couldn’t resist this:

A cat themed interior to the extreme. I can’t resist unique spiral staircases!

The Indomitable Spiral Staircase

I know I may have blogged about spiral staircases before…but when an image pops up on me I get in this groove…thus the sharing. This is an amazing photo taken at the Lighthouse in Michell Lane, Glasgow. Photo: George Gastin

If you’re a fan of spiral staircases, then you’ve seen versions of this famous staircase I’m sure…in the Vatican Museum in Rome.  Photo via yaadayaada

Artistic interior design spiral staircase by the Italian company Bonansea Scale. Love the unique dark styling, especially against the white. The curved details along the railing draw the eye upward, reminding me of flames on a candle.  Photo via Dekris Design.com

Stunning piece of interior architecture…would love to know the designer, but can’t find the company in my searches. If you have any info, let me know…

Of course we can’t all put a spiral staircase in our homes…or, can we?  This spiral staircase is a dynamic option…It’s a wall sticker! Great idea! And the company name is so cool too (Pink Floyd fan here!)
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