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Highly Functional: Shaker Furniture

Shaker bedroom - Wikipedia commons photo

The simplistic and functional style of Shaker furniture was first created nearly 200 years ago by Jane and James Wardley, founders of the religious sect, the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Coming, more commonly known as the Shakers. The original furniture was designed in keeping with their beliefs of living simply, without frills, and with integrity and strength.

The appeal of the Shaker style of furniture comes through with its practicality. Many modern designs find their inspiration here.
Photo: Stainless Steel Furniture

Photo: Furniture Fashion.com

Main Characteristics of Shaker Style:

  • High Quality Wood
  • Lack of ornamentation
  • Simplicity
  • Fine Craftsmanship
  • Utilitarian

Antique Watervliet Shaker Table from John Keith Russell Antiques, Inc.

Shaker Bureau - Wikipedia commons photo

Hope you find wonderful design inspiration with the very basic Shaker furniture style.


Armoire Love

Lack of closet space? The answer?  A stylish armoire. This hand-crafted wood armoire features a beveled mirrored front. From the Borghese Collection at Armoire Showroom.  Here are a few more I love from same place.

Rustic Western Pine Armoire – Saint Germaine.

The very fashionable Jessica McClintock Dressing Armoire with stool. Love this!

Here’s a creative idea…why not find an antique armoire and paint it yourself? Or consider this French armoire hand-painted in contemporary art found at Burke and Hazelden.  And here’s one more design idea…

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