Unique Amsterdam Loft

This unique loft we find totally sweet….that is mainly because it is situated in an 18th century sugar warehouse in Amsterdam.

Built in 1763 and located on the Bloemgracht canal and in the Jordaan district (the hot spot for lofts we’re beginning to realize) the loft also boasts a panoramic view overlooking the city. But an important note on the interior is it continued to remain in its original state for almost 250 years until the owners decided to add their own design tastes and choices. Uxus Design has this to say about the loft: “In keeping the original open-plan layout we created a series of dramatic curtain walls that could be opened and closed according to the needs of use. Made of luxurious Italian linen, the curtain walls are opaque when lit from the front yet transparent from behind. At night, the space becomes a series of glowing tents, creating the effect of a surreal interior landscape.”
—from Loft Life Magazine blog

We love that the designers kept the original beams intact and worked with them, giving this space an updated, yet rustic feel.  Love the chandeliers, over the beds too and the modern living room area.  Visit Loft Life Magazine for full article. (link above)

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