Consider the Ottoman Coffee Table….

Your new apartment space is almost complete…furniture is in place….but there’s a big hole in the center of your living room…great place to exercise, but after that, you’ll need something decorative and functional for in front of the the sofa…why not consider an ottoman coffee table? This room above we found at Ikea, who specializes in furnishing cool progressive apartment spaces. We like this comfy setting, and the pretty ottoman sets it off.  Use the ottoman for serving snacks and drinks on trays (you’ll need the tray because of the soft surface). When you’re done, remove goodies and pop up your feet for some great TV viewing.  Here are some other cool finds to spark your interest in an ottoman coffee table.

Louis Ottoman by Habersham Home.

Gervasoni Otto ottoman coffee table at Open Room

And my favorite for last….not exactly a piece to throw into the middle of a room, but then….Orb Contemporary chair and ottoman, Pure Contemporary.

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