Decorating with Flowers

So you’ve moved in.  All your furniture is in place.  The refrigerator is stocked.  You’ve put the books on the shelves and the TV and stereo in their place.  And a few cool prints adorn your walls.  Yet, your apartment seems to be missing something. A certain flatness still reigns.  The answer may be as simple a vase of flowers.

Fresh cut flowers can add color and life to a plain room, expand your vision, and bring a sense of peace to your environment.  If you love this idea, and love flowers, I would suggest you start collecting little by little a collection of different size and shaped vases and bowls.  Magically, a flower arrangement will transform your new apartment into a comfy home.  Consider some of the following ideas when starting to decorate your new apartment with flowers.

Love these bulb vases here.  Found this at Picsdecor.

Flowers can  highlight a kitchen space.

Silk or paper flowers are not out of the question…always look good and are low maintenance. Use them, especially if they look as good as these we found at Thoughtfully Simple.

Consider flowering tree branches in a large decorative vase to bring out a large blank space in your room.  This idea we found at Rockybella.

Don’t forget the bedroom….a small arrangement just for you….

Refreshing greens and white….from Apartment Therapy.

Enjoy decorating with flowers to bring joy and life to your new or old living space.

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