In Brutalist style…

I found this fascinating studio apartment at Interior Arcade.  This cool studio in Londrina, Brazil evokes the Brutalist Architecture style and was designed by young architect Guilherme Torres.

The term “brutalism” refers to a style of architecture first coined in 1953 by British architects Alison and Peter Smithson and was taken from the French term  beton brut, or “raw concrete.”  Brutalism style is usually defined by the striking angular forms in design, where concrete is used in creating a rough appearance and which structural materials of a building are exposed, such as brick, steel, pipes, and stone.

In Torres’ studio we find many experimental design ideas in the Brutalism sense.  He uses exposed brick work, concrete for the table and couch, exposed pipes for the wiring, then softens it all up with a gorgeous chandelier, soft cushions for the couch, and fluffy white shag carpeting.

The architect keeps it simple with a color palette of basically black, white, and shades of gray.  Color touches are added with pillows and decorative pieces.

If your apartment has wide spaces and exposed walls and pipes, a true studio, loft feel, consider the many ideas with Brutalism style in mind.  It is a fresh new way to express yourself and make your living space a true work of art.

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Article and photos: via Interior Arcade

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