That mocha, java, chocolate color…

…what lovely words to hear instead of brown, beige and tan…and what lovely design options we have for your apartment or home when we choose the color of mocha…or chocolate.  This blue and brown  wallpaper pattern will add a “wow” factor to any room and brighten up a dark space while keeping with a chocolate theme.

Love the simple, clean look of this modern inspiration.  Using two colors in furniture adds interest and contrast.  Note the entertainment center design also.  Flower highlights awaken the plain wall space…and who wouldn’t want that window? We should all be so lucky…

Highlight a living space with this unique hand tooled antique brown leather decorative pillow from Southwest Sensations.

Brown kitchens…of course! Especially love the chocolate and white contrast in the upper left image.  A simple white kitchen can find dramatic design when decorated with dark brown accessories or fixtures.  Stools, bowls, canister, decorative plates and lighting are interesting ways to add to the color scheme.

Vases Collection…brown with beige line….

Okay…so I’m cheating here a bit…not everything is chocolate or java in color, but I simply loved the chocolate colored claw-footed tub and the tile work in this picture.  Old tubs can be painted on the outside any color…another way to redesign and older bathroom space.

This soft, welcoming bedroom features delightful coffee colored walls, deep wood nightstands and dressers, with the high contrast of white furniture, doors and windows, and bedding.  A nice fresh feel in a small room.  Found this idea at

A local restaurant featured chocolate wine over the Valentine’s Day and it  became so popular it is a regular item now….it was a lovely milky brown color with a nice kick…After all that decorating, we need and deserve this.  Enjoy!

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