Retrospect: The Frankfurt Kitchen

In 1926, Viennese architect, Grete Schutte-Lihotzky, design the Frankfurt Kitchen, a modernist view of a totally functional kitchen. This type of design flourished when it came out. It was the answer to all kitchen needs, and made  antiquated kitchen work, mainly performed by women, more professional. It may have helped that it was designed by a genius woman! Grete spent countless hours analyzing the working needs and space requirements when cooking to make a kitchen efficient, compact, and easy to maintain.

Here, the original Frankfurt design circa 1926.

The Frankfurt Kitchen had many built-in features such as removable storage bins made of light weight aluminum. The originals were manufactured in a WWI ammunition factory.

The Museum of Modern Art recently featured an exhibit of the Frankfurt Kitchen for its contribution to architectural and design history.

reduced space = increased efficiency

Sample of a Frankfurt Kitchen stove.

Today’s modern efficiency kitchen incorporate many design elements of the historic Schutte-Lihotzky kitchen.  The Frankfurt, in its many modern variations, is here to stay I think.

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