That ’70s Green: Olive Green Decor

Maybe it’s back…maybe not, but I’d never in my wondrous years ever thought I’d be inspired by that old ’70s green color that raged in decor at the time…yet, here I find myself in groovy love!  Olive green played opposite that trendy gold (our kitchen had a gold stove and gold refrigerator, yet another color theme to post about!) in major appliances and furniture. These new dynamic olive green ideas give me sheer inspiration and have me feeling green with envy. Enjoy!

Olive green entryway found on The

Love the olive tones here…from Interior Design Ideas.

Olive green leaf bed pillow from Decorative Bed Pillows.

Blenko Vases in olive and blue, a Joel Myers’ ’60s design found at Just Old Glass.

Twilight shag rug in olive green. Express Rugs.

Apartments I

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