Bedroom inspiration from The Crosby Street Hotel

I once read an article (can’t remember where now) about how to make your bedroom look like a hotel’s. I wondered, why would anyone want that? I mean, I have stayed in some nice hotels (the Venetian in Vegas comes to mind) but still, a hotel is a hotel, right? Why bring that home. Then I found an article about the Crosby Street Hotel in Metropolis magazine. This incredible artistically unchallenged place to stay in SoHo, New York City is a model of color, texture and pattern. The British husband and wife team Tim and Kit Kemp, owners of London’s Firmdale Hotels, opened this 11 story gem in 2010. The whole atmosphere is eclectic and unique, but I found focus in the bedroom designs, engineered by Kit’s wonderful talents, each themed with color and pattern that could be incorporated in any apartment bedroom space.

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