Think Geek Decor

Looking for something different for your apartment’s decor? Consider some pieces of geek…or science as it may be…Think Geek has cool stuff for the smarties in our lives, for the math whiz or for the science geeks among us. Like these really cute Good Chemistry Salt&Pepper shakers. Only $9.99.
Here’s some other adorable finds…
Pop Quiz wall clock is a black chalkboard for any math wizard. $26.99
Totally fell in love with this item! Pop Art Toaster. With a retro 50s design in color and chrome, it speaks to my heart…and more than that the inserts of the toaster burn the toast with either “Bite Me” or the “Ugh” image and word. So funny. Around $45.00
Great gift idea or for a collection of interest of your own. Math Mugs. $9.99
And for the 70s awesome geek in all of us–or for those of you who remember…Think Geek features Atari wall decals. Find unique art expression in these original video games. Included are Asteroids, Centipede and even Pong. from $34.99 – $44.99

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