Online Rental Advertising – Free and More Free

As a Landlord, How do you advertise your rental? A newspaper ad? A sign in the available apartment’s front window? How responsive are people to your advertising endeavors? How much does it cost you? How many months do you go without income from your unoccupied space? Have you looked online and get discouraged or confused about how or where to list your rental?

What if you could get a web-presence for you available rental that was easy to do and absolutely free?

At Apartments To, a premier rental listing site, you as a landlord can find an incredible way to advertise to potential tenants your available rental space, whether it be an apartment or home. Apartments To Like was created and is managed by a highly experienced landlord who knows the needs of landlords (and renters as well) and has built this listing website to give rental property owners a way to present their available listings in the best possible light. The expertise presented in this listing site is above and beyond other similar listing sites.

And the best part – You can list for FREE! No kidding! No strings!

Apartments To offers a quality do-it-yourself page to display your rental. With a few easy clicks you can highlight all the amenities and features that your rental space offers, enticing a future tenant. Photos can be added to your page straight from you computer. (And if you’re not sure how to do this, a step by step guide is offered to show you how!). Your listing page will also include a slide show of the photos you upload and a location map for your rental address.

One of the most outstanding and interesting features of Apartments To is the Renters Connect System. This system is easy to follow and will give your rental listing maximum exposure by connecting your online Apartments To Like page directly from your local newspaper advertising. This one unique step will bring your apartment’s full description, pictures, a location map, and even a slide show of your rental to a prospective tenant who finds your listing in the paper. They can view your listing online with all the available info, including your contact information where they can reach you with their interest.

Your listing is very easy to set up and a breeze to manage any time, any day, 24/7! It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to set up. That’s it. You can update your listing page any time, and when your apartment or home is rented, you can maintain the listing in a non-active status for future use.

If you ever have questions about how to do anything, the competent staff at Apartments To Like will be available to help you so that your listing will get the highest and best quality presentation. As a added benefit, the resident writer may feature you listing on the Apartments i Like  blog page, Facebook and Twitter.

Visit Apartments i to get started. It’s an easy and exciting way to bring your landlord career to its fullest potential.

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