Timeless Kitchenware: Polish Pottery

I love Polish Pottery. The popularity of this style of stoneware has caused a rise in store carriers, and new discount stores are popping up all over the place offering unique collections. I never seem to see the same patterns twice. Polish Pottery, or Polish Stoneware, originated int he 18th Century in the German Province Silesia, which is now part of Poland. The small village of Boleslawiec, the name you will often find on the pottery, is where most of the hand crafted and hand painted stoneware is made. image via The Timeless Kitchen

Prices vary depending on store or online shop. It can be a pricey endeavor to buy all at once, but I like to collect pieces one by one using an artistic collectors heart. A dinner plate I find can be anywhere between $30 and $65 depending on pattern and make. My aunt has joined a club where she receives new pieces in the mail each month that she’s ordered through their catalog…interesting idea.

image via Two Sisters Pottery

Polish Pottery often features traditional “peacock feather” type patterns in bold cobalt blues, deep forest greens and sultry dark burgundies intricately painted onto ivory backgrounds.

Master artists create Unikat or Unique signature patterns as featured here in this painting by Heather Sims from her Polish Pottery Still Life Series. Art inspires art.

For me, it is hard to find a piece or pattern that I don’t like. I’d buy everything here if I could. Polish stoneware is very durable. It’s made that way. And it can find its way into your kitchen’s every day use. The stoneware is safe for microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and can even be used in the freezer, though sharp temp changes can effect it. I wouldn’t go with freezer use. Polish Pottery is lead free and cadmium free.

Image via Top Drawer Accoutrements (TDA)

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