Bold Color Choices: Coral and Rose for Your Doylestown Apartment Decor

Vibrancy, warmth, energy…all words that can be associated with the bold color choices or coral and rose for your Doylestown apartment decor.  It takes and confident soul to dive into this decorating scheme, but the intensity it will bring to your apartment will make you place a true living experience, not to mention a conversation subject to anyone who enters as in this deliciously artful room from Lorraine G. Vale. Coral also brings to mind the season of Autumn, the setting sun and the various shades of citrus fruits.

The passionate and vibrant coral color need not dominate your Doylestown apartment space but can simply stand out in the background, offering a subtle, yet intense color to your furnishings. The color coral is less aggressive and softer than true orange.  Photo via Country

While coral is more sun-filled and energetic, the color rose suggests a more soothing energy.  Rose pink, as in these chairs, suggests the feminine, delicate nature, and can bring a playfulness to your Doylestown apartment. Photo via Country Living.

Going all out with a brighter rose pink suggests passion. This shade of pink is the universal color of love according to Feng Shui principles, and with it comes a playfulness and a tenderness one can only associate with feminine love. The color will give a magnetic feel to your Doylestown apartment when paired with a dark bold color.  Photo via 

I love these creative color ideas found at JuBella. These give a hint at what the bold colors of coral or rose and do with your Doylestown apartment decor.

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