The Power to Flower…without looking like a 10-year-old girl…

Power up your feminine side with a bit of flower print…nothing says warmth and comfort more.  Flower prints need not be what your grandmother’s quilts and furniture created in the past…that old-fashioned feel, that need to be, well, somewhere else. No offense Gram.  And adding flower print to your decor choices for you apartment need not make you look like a little girl either.  Here are some more ideas to add some flower power to your living space. Photo above via Decor 4 All.

Empty wall? No artwork yet? A simple flowered walled decal can give life to that dead wall. Relatively easy to apply too. Decal via Wall

Who’s afraid of a bit of flower-age to sit on? Love this modern, hip piece that doesn’t show a trace of Victorian-ism but has a neat vintage flare. Chair from This

Stunning! Silhouette Flower Shower Curtain from This

Flowered, feminine, and very modern: Lily Anna Bedding  Thief River Linen.  Fear not the flower!


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