Creative Loft Living

Decorating a huge open space need not be a headache filled challenge when you look at some creative loft living ideas.  This Manhattan loft is owned by NY based photographer Alexander Deutsch.  Love the simplicity, the metallic feel and color choices. For more on his inspiration see Loft Life
photos: Tom Acherman

My favorite apartment is the loft. I love the openness, the free feeling of being in such a wide space. Here this converted loft apartment sports a clean white feel, with a sharp contrasting piece to catch the eye. Photo via

If you are fortunate enough to find a loft with brick walls exposed, the decor options are creatively endless.  Love this creative loft design, the deep yet fresh color choices and the lighting ideas. Via Interior Magz

Here is a more intimate interior loft design. Fresh, soft, yet modern furnishings with high contrasting color choices for walls give this loft space a comfortable feel. Photo via

Creative loft living design treatment by SohoArc.
This photo and next via Studio Loft Living|SG Livingpod

Could not resist this spiral staircase wall decal (as I featured in an earlier post!) Hope the ideas here make creative loft living an interesting option in your apartment choices.

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