Grape Decor for Your Apartment

Inspired by fruit today, I’ve tried to find some interesting grape decor for your apartment. In our old house we had a large trellised grape vine in the back yard. It’s not as romantic as it sounds. It was a huge maintenance undertaking if you wanted it to look nice and yield some beloved grapes for cooking, jams, or wine making. But it smelled wonderful in the summer, and offered a cozy shaded spot to sit under and read a book or play with the children.  I have to say I miss it now. And I’m still in love with grape designs for home decor. This wine rack, sconces, and shelf would be delightful on a dining room wall. Via 

Grape dinnerware from Bacchus Cellars.

Grape Plaque set via K

I have a few bunches of frosted grape decorations that I keep with all the Christmas decor, but really they could be used for any holiday. My grapes look just like these which I found on flickr.

So don’t limit yourself with decorating choices. Think of grape decor for your apartment when wanting something new and homey feeling.

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