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Small apartments have their charm but coming up with small bedroom ideas to make your space inviting and not overwhelming can be a chore. Many small apartments feature a nook space, a little jut out of a room space often as small as 5 or 6 feet. I’ve dealt with such a space and it ended up becoming the closet and storage area…but here’s a thought?  Why not make this little nook a bed nook?

A bed nook conjures up images in my head of a cozy little space that I would crawl into to relax, set aside my day, read a book until I get so sleepy….A tiny bedroom suddenly becomes a desirable haven.  A bed nook can be made from a closet also, one that is large enough to fit a single or twin bed, of course.

So don’t feel limited by your small bedroom space. Keep it simple and clutter-free and don’t hesitate to create a cozy bed nook for your slumbering spirit.

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