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If you are in search of Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent you will find many beautiful and unique dwellings in this modern and progressive town. Your decor choices will reflect your personality, and the lay-back comfort of the Shabby Chic style is ever popular, and one of my favorites for apartment decorating. Adding simple touches, like a unique bookshelf, stained in white, creates a great addition to your Stroudsburg Pa apartments. Make it an artistic piece, instead of loading it with every book that you own. Keeping a color scheme is a nice touch here.

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Many Stroudsburg Pa apartments will need creative lighting fixtures. The Shabby Chic style is known for this key decor ingredient: a stylish romantic chandelier. When you check into Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent, look to ceiling light hook-ups available in the apartment space. The right chandelier will add warm light to the living room and especially a bedroom. Why not go with a romantic chandelier to add interest to your space? Check with your landlord for hook-up availability.

Add a bit of shabby chic style to new Stroudsburg Pa apartments can be as easy as visiting a local flea market. An old ornate mirror will set of your space with gorgeous flair. When visiting Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent, ask about local shopping markets and furniture stores. Many antique stores are located around the area where you can find many interesting and romantic pieces to add to your new living space. Mirror image via Forever Interiors.

No matter how simple or modern Stroudsburg Pa apartments are, you can add simple shabby chic style to the space. Slip covered furniture and unique throws add interest. Room size is another thing to consider when looking at Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent. Large over-stuffed furniture pieces, another style option in Shabby Chic decor, will look too large and cumbersome in a small living room. Do some measuring before selecting furniture sizes.

Nothing is more romantic and comfortable than a soft pillowy bed. Many Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent will feature fresh well-lit bedrooms, perfect for featuring a  bed like this one.

If relocating to this lovely area you will find gorgeous Stroudsburg Pa apartments for rent.

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