Shabby Chic Sofas for Your Stroudsburg Apartment

I love Shabby Chic sofas, have one myself in my comfy living room, and for your new Stroudsburg apartment you may want this fresh new look.  I’ve come across some gorgeous sofas with this design style. I wish I had enough rooms for all of them.  Image above: Art Streiber

How to design an open room in your Stroudsburg apartments?  Remember a large ornate mirror, and a pretty chandelier.

Love the Paris charm with this Shabby Chic sofa via

Here is a cute eclectic pink Shabby Chic sofa for your Stroudsburg apartment. Adding contrast colors and prints gives the space a cozy country feel. Image via

image via Shabby Chic-Rachel Ashwell

A Stroudsburg apartment could not get more chic than this white on white room found at Lonny Magazine.

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