Unique Black + White Interiors

With A Detailed House presenting awesome posts featuring black and white bathrooms, (click here for Kearney’s great post!)  I’ve been in this black and white mode for days now! Thanks a lot Kearney!!:)

So in browsing through my over- collected collection of images I’ve selected a few that really make me stop and look. Hope you enjoy!

Love,  love the entire room above. The carpet is simply fascinating.

Bold statements with deep black stripes bring this apartment space together.

Cool and comfortable…a great family room in black + white. Love the lamps, chandelier, and the dark floors that set off the white furniture. The log-cabin style walls add eclectic style.

Totally unique kitchen…again, another stylish desk-lamp chandelier that brings drama to this modern space.

Another simple and fashionable black and white apartment living room. You know how I love the animal print carpets. Hope you liked these unique black and white interiors.

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