Tips on Moving Artwork

When it comes to moving artwork, preventing damage and getting the treasured piece to your new apartment or home is no small task. Depending on the number of pieces you own, antique art, family heirlooms, or new framed prints that express your personality, taking one day to care for these pieces and prepare them for a move will save you time and potential heartbreak in the future.

Paintings need special care when moving. Antique pieces or heavily framed ones will require efforts to prevent scratching and damage from the possibility of careless hands dropping them, or damage from being shoved into the moving vehicle. Coming in contact with other objects can crack frames, puncture canvases, flake paint pigments on artwork surface. To avoid serious damage I recommend first to wrap the entire painting in a soft cloth or blanket.

Next, bubble wrap is your best friend…and your artwork’s!

Be generous with the wrap, and make sure to use it in both directions on the painting, making extra sure to give the corners extra bubble coverage. Be sure to move paintings together and give them their own space in the moving van or truck, without the possibility of furniture falling against them.

Moving prints are another matter. If relocating one that is framed and covered in glass, which protects the art print, you have to take extra precautions to prevent serious damage. Broken glass can be trouble, not only in cleaning up aspects, and possible injury results, but broken glass often damages the print itself.

To prevent shards of broken glass from puncturing you print, place a checkerboard of blue painter’s tape in a grid over the glass from end to end. This protects the artwork should the glass break by helping you to easily lift off the shards without having them harm the photo print. This also will save your hands from cuts and injuries with handling broken glass. The painter’s tape is easy to remove once your artwork has been successfully transported to its new home. Remember to double bubble wrap glass framed prints also.

If you have artwork that is worth a significant amount of money, insurance is recommended. Get a certified appraisal to protect your antique art.

Remember to take the time and follow these easy steps to prevent loss or damage of your treasured artworks when moving into your new apartment.

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