The Gilded Age

Maybe gilded gold decor evokes images of high-brow, ultra-rich, roped off rooms (my aunt had one for years, red velvet rope and all) but the gilded age need not be such a frightening design option. Subtle hinds of gilded gold adds elegance and warmth to any room. Add one or two pieces, gold-leafed or gold painted can bring the look to your apartment. If you are heading in the French or Shabby Chic design direction, adding a gold framed mirror or artwork, or a French nightstand, as in the image above are lovely options.

Versailles gold furniture. Great style.

Love this creamy, dreamy room with gilded gold touches. Via Decor Pad.

Totally gold: French Louis furniture striking and elegant.

Lovely use of gold leaf bamboo frames in a bedroom. White bedding by Lucas Allen.

Gold touches in a foyer area.

White Hampshire Chaise with gilded gold frame. Via Hampshire Barn Interiors

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