Salmon Colored Interiors

I felt so inspired when I came across this spicey salmon colored interior office space for an apartment it got me thinking about the many shade of peachy salmon and how lovely they are in a room. I love the ceiling here defining the space and making it more comfortable and cozy. Would love to work in this room.

Behr Interior Paints lists a wide range of salmon colors that range from soft and peachy to deep and russett. With names like Coral Cream, Blushing Apricot, Salmon Tint (which is very cool in tone like the image below), Angel Blush, and Sunset Strip, the idea of salmon if quickly becoming a classic color choice.

I love the contrast and complimentary colors of blue or violet with salmon colored decor.

 A splash of salmon in the curtains brings in warmth to this cool classic room.

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