I Dream of Laundry Rooms

Okay, maybe I don’t actually dream about a laundry room…but who wouldn’t desire a large, functional, and beautifully designed room for doing this necessary chore? Me! Me! If I could have this dream space, it would be a relaxing space as well, where one could even spend time reading in between washes, or blogging perhaps. Oh, to have the room to leave up the ironing board and lay out the fine washables, with enough space to keep everything neat and organized. Here are some more “dream” laundry rooms. Anyone feeling the desire?

Love the cool refreshing color choice here. Nice unified space, with desk area. I found some more with built in desk spaces. Great idea.

Love this one. Feels more like a home office.

One would have to hope that the washer and dryer runs extra quietly. Love the nice sewing space.

Martha Stewart design laundry room.

This dream laundry room features cabinets that hold all appliances, hanging items, ironing board, etc. that will neatly close up when chores are completed. Totally cool. Neat little built in desk space too.

Bright and lovely, a space you’d like to come into even it was to fold some towels. (I actually like folding towels…weird, huh?) Looks like one could step out and relax also, or use the door to come into and shuck off dirty items. A practical yet beautiful mud room. One of my favorite dream laundry rooms.

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