To coffe table…or not to coffee table…

To coffee table or not to coffee table…that is the question. I find that most apartment dwellers feel that a living room isn’t complete without a coffee table. My mother is the quintessential queen of coffee tables, and tables galore for that matter, since every corner of the living room has a table. Her mantra: Where else do you set a drink? The remote? Your feet?

I’ve opted out of coffee table world for years now. With kids, it makes sense. We play on the floor, draw, sit on pillows, play the Wii. And for me, it makes for a great yoga mat space.

But here’s a clever option for coffee table lovers who want the option of open floor space sometimes. The roll away coffee table! Above is the Wisteria French Industrial Coffee table. $649

Cool colored CB2 Go-cart Camo Media Table for $159

For more Traditional appeal, the Montrose Cocktail Table from Bring It Home Furniture.  $249

Images via Apartment Therapy

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