Facebook Dilemma

I’m in need of advice.

I usually hit Facebook every week and give updates of the blog and “like” some people I follow etc. but today I cannot log into my facebook account without giving a cell phone number (they say it’s for security reasons). Since this account is for the business, and we don’t use a cell phone for the business but
a regular phone line, I’m at a loss, since they want to sent a text with some code to say it’s okay for me to use my facebook page.

I do not wish to use my own personal cell phone number for the business, plus
I have my own personal facebook account linked with it so it would be impossible anyway. In addition to this: Why do they need to collect cell phone numbers???? It seems like more and more our privacy is being taken away. I think that facebook is officially dead for Apartments i Like.

Does anyone have any advice for me on this issue?  It would be greatly appreciated.

Apartments i Like writer and associate

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